Why Impact Resistance in Denis Cimaf Teeth Matters

Why Impact Resistance in Denis Cimaf Teeth Matters

If you are buying Denis Cimaf teeth, what key features would you look out for? Well, most buyers only look for the quality of the materials used for constructing teeth. That is what most buyers believe that defines the quality of machine tools. But that is a wrong approach. There is more to these wear parts you should check rather than the material only. Among the keying features that you need to check on top of that is the impact resistant of the Denis Cimaf teeth. That is because there are many factors that the level of impact of the teeth affects the overall efficiency.

In this post, I rounded up some of the factors that are greatly influenced the level of impact resistance of the Denis Cimaf teeth. First, it is important to note that impact resistance is all about the strength of the tool to withstand high force. Mulching is one of the machine activities where impact resistance crucial because of many things. Check out the following:

Useful Lifespan

Impact resistance is one of the factors that greatly determines the longevity of the Denis Cimaf teeth. If you buy tools that have low impact resistance, then you will definitely have a problem with the lifespan. When the tool hits a hard surface, then there is the likelihood of the edges or tips becoming dull and blunt. This will result into sharpening in almost every day which will eat away the metal slowly by slowly. That is why you should invest in teeth that have at least a medium level impact resistance. That will be enough to keep that Cimaf mulching head in good condition for long.

Constance Performance

The performance of the Denis Cimaf mulching head greatly depends on the condition of mulcher teeth. Your mulcher cutter tools must be sharp for the machine to record a peak performance. However, if you invest in low impact resistant tools, then you will have a problem maintaining your Denis Cimaf teeth sharp. That is why it is important to ensure that the type of teeth that you choose can withstand high force or shock. With that, you will be able to maintain a constant performance.

Reduce Cost of Maintenace

As mentioned above, poor impact resistance Denis Cimaf teeth cause dulling and blunting teeth tips. That increases the cost maintenance as you will need to sharpen them. In addition, you will need to replace the teeth soon since the lifespan is also short. But with a good impact resistant features, the cost maintaining the Denis Cimaf mulching head and the rest of the machine is significantly reduced.