The Splitter Carbides Mulcher Teeth

The Splitter Carbides Mulcher Teeth

The forestry industry is very diverse and that is why we have different types of tools. Forestry mulching is one of the land clearing activities that requires highly specialized tools. Among the most specialized tools in this industry are the splitter carbide mulcher teeth. These are special types of teeth designed with unique features to enhance the performance of the mulching attachment.

However, splitter carbides mulcher teeth should not be confused with the double carbide teeth. The difference between the two is the fact that they have double carbide variety has two independent carbide tips whereas splitter carbides mulcher tooth has the carbide split into tips. It is this design that makes these teeth optionally powerful when it comes to mowing even in tough conditions.

But what makes splitter carbides mulcher teeth popular with forestry operations? Well, these are unique teeth designed to enhance the performance of the mulching equipment. Unlike the typical carbide mulcher teeth, these teeth offer numerous advantages to the user. Here are some of the key advantages users enjoy:

  • Improve performance- splitter carbides mulcher teeth have better performance compared to most of the available alternatives. From the design of the teeth, the carbide tip is split into two thus increasing the cutting surfaces areas of the teeth. In a nutshell, it will be like the tooth is operating as a double carbide type and yet is using single carbide. So it is from the design of the tooth that we get high performance of the teeth.
  • High Productivity- the productivity of these teeth is exceptionally high compared to most the common mulcher teeth in the market. The high performance of the teeth and the mulching equipment leads to improve productivity. So if your machine is not working as you had wished even with the excellent carbide teeth, then condition could be demanding. You should consider having these teeth.
  • Low Operation Cost- splitter carbides mulcher teeth are made from high-quality materials which are resistant to abrasion and wear. Therefore, there are not the kinds of teeth that will need to be chipped or sharpened regularly to keep them work. You also don’t need to keep replacing them every now and them. That will significantly way reduce the cost of operation.

These are some of the facts about splitter carbides mulcher teeth and the reasons why they are the most preferred in demanding conditions.

Tips to Discern a Reputable Forestry Mulcher Teeth Manufacturer

Tips to Discern a Reputable Forestry Mulcher Teeth Manufacturer

As far as we talk of the quality of forestry mulcher teeth, one thing that usually ignored is the contribution of the manufacturer. But this is a factor that can significantly determine the quality of the tools you are buying. The reputation of the producer is also becoming a critical factor to consider especially with the influx of fake/counterfeit products in the market. But with the hundreds of forestry mulcher teeth manufacturers, how can you tell their reputation? Well, it may be difficult, but if properly done, it can be as easy as saying alphabets. Check out these tips:

Ask from Friends

The first and most effective step is asking a friend or family about the manufacturer. The reason why this is considered the best approach is the fact that you can get direct reviews from someone who had direct contact or experience with the producer. A friend or family will also provide you with first-hand experience and thus what they say is 100% truth. They are also not likely to exaggerate or distort information to market the product. The fact that they have used the products also places them in a better situation to provide an accurate review.

Go Online

If you cannot find friends and family who have had direct contact with the manufacturer, then you should consider going online. The Internet has everything that you would about any products. There are numerous platforms from where you can get relevant information. First, you should visit the manufacturer’s website and see who they are and what they sell. Check what their customers are saying about their products in their products. You can also join forestry mulcher teeth forums and gather information about the best manufacturer and those who offer inferior products.

Type of the Manufacturer

Know the kind of manufacturers before making a purchase. There two main types of manufacturers- original and non-original manufacturers. Original manufacturers offer brand products, and they include major brands such as FAE and FECON amongst others. The Non-original manufacturers produce products that are not associated with original manufacturers, but their wear parts are compatible with original equipment. Buy from original manufacturers since quality is highly controlled. However, non-original manufacturers may not have their quality controlled.

These are tips that can help you discern a good forestry mulcher teeth manufacturer from fake ones. It is straightforward an all you need is to invest some time in it. Avoid going into the market without proper information about the manufacturer.

The Main Tool Options for Your Fecon Mulcher

The Main Tool Options for Your Fecon Mulcher

If you have invested in the forestry industry, getting the most out of your equipment should always be the ultimate goal. Although Fecon mulchers a beast at work, the option of tools that you choose is critical to their overall performance and output.  The ability of the tools to allow you to configure your mulching machine for diverse conditions is very crucial in the forestry industry. Fortunately, there are numerous options for tools that can be helpful in improving the performance of your machine. In this article, we are going to look at four Fecon mulcher tool options that can enhance the performance of your machine:

Standard Dual-carbide Tools

If you are working in extremely tough and versatile conditions, this is the perfect type of tools that you need to invest in. These Fecon mulcher parts are said to be the greatest all-round tools that offer great reliability and performance. That is the reason why they are popular with most manufacturers. Unlike the typical carbide teeth, standard dual-carbide tools are designed with two tungsten carbide inserts. They are extremely powerful in that they can be used to mulch any typed of vegetation starting from brushes to whole trees. So once you invest in these teeth, you have the solution to all your mulching problems. Standard dual-carbide tools are also extremely durable due to the quality of the material used in their construction.  They are resistant to wear and abrasion and thus they can last for a long time.

Narrow Single Carbide

These Fecon mulcher parts or tools are made for maximum production for less thick foliage. Unlike the standard dual-carbide tools, they are made from a single tungsten carbide insert but achieve great productivity to the machine. If you are dealing with brushes and tree limbs only, then these are the perfect choice of tools to invest in. Narrow Single Carbide mulcher teeth are also highly durable since they are not affected by wear and abrasion. The maintenance cost of the teeth is also very low.

Stone Tools

Fecon tone mulchers are widely in the agricultural sector to crush stones to dine soil. That is special tools, stone teeth or stone tools are designed to enhance the performance of the machine in such conditions. Stone tools offer incredible durability and wear resistant against rock and abrasion. These teeth are also highly durable and cheap to maintain.

Cutting Knife or Blades

Knives or cutting blades are commonly used for jobs with low risk of rocky or highly abrasive condition. They are widely used on mowers and small capacity mulching machines. These tools are widely used for clearing tough grass and weeds. They are carbide tipped, extremely durable and cheap to maintain.

Advantages of Investing In Denis Cimaf Teeth

Advantages of Investing In Denis Cimaf Teeth

If you are looking for mulcher teeth, then you need to consider investing in Denis Cimaf. The company has so far made huge penetration into the market due to the quality of their wear parts. Denis Cimaf has invested heavily in their brand and that can be seen from the reputation they command in the market. One thing that the company has maintained over the years is the quality and vast collection of their wear parts. Apart from the Denis Cimaf mulcher and other equipment, the company is also known for the quality of the wear parts including teeth and more.

Compared to other products in the market, there are numerous advantages associated with Denis Cimaf Teeth. The authenticity of their products is one of the key aspects that attract buyers. With this era of counterfeit and fake products, the company is providing the market with genuine and top quality mulcher teeth amongst other products.  Here are some of the main advantages that customers enjoy by investing in Denis Cimaf Teeth.

Quality Teeth

The company has invested heavily in their wear parts and have a reputation for producing top quality industrial tools only. The quality of the mulcher teeth is one of the best that you can find in the market. Denis Cimaf has achieved this by using highest grade material for the construction of their teeth. The company use cast steel in the construction of the teeth body while the tungsten carbide used for the construction of teeth tip. It is important to note that carbide is one of the best materials due to the great properties such as wear resistance. Therefore, it can withstand tough mulching condition and deliver great results. Therefore, quality of the material is one of the best that you can find.


Compatibility is another feature that makes Denis Cimaf Teeth popular with operators. The company produces mulcher wear parts that can be used on other major brands in the market. Therefore, if you have a Fae or Fecon mulcher attachment, it is possible to get Denis Cimaf Teeth compatible with them. With that, the company outlet is a one-stop shop for all your teeth needs.

Extended Lifespan and Value for Money

Denis Cimaf uses tungsten and cast steel in constructing their teeth. These materials come with properties such as wear resistance and abrasion resistant. That means mean Denis Cimaf Teeth can last for a very long time. You will spend less on repairs and replacements and that means value for money.

Don’t Err While Buying Trencher Teeth

Don’t Err While Buying Trencher Teeth

If you are in the process of buying trencher replacement teeth, there are a few things that you must get it right. The most important of all is to ensure that you are getting value for money. That is why you cannot afford to err while shopping for the teeth replacement. But for you to get the right teeth you need to have the necessary formation or guide list to help you select the best. So what should you look out for? Well, these are some of the major things that you must look out for in any trencher teeth for sale:

Manufacturer of Repute

Who is the producer of the teeth? Do they have a good reputation in the industry? These are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself.  It is very imperative to understand who the manufacturer of the product is. It is the most ideal way of telling the fake from genuine product. A good manufacturer promises great quality. In most cases, it is very difficult to trace the source of fake product. Therefore, do your own research on the producer and find out what previous buyers are saying about their products. But if buyers are happy, then that is a product that you can invest in.

Material Used in Construction

This is one of the most critical features that you must look into before committing your money. There is a variety of materials used in the construction of industrial tool and not all can give excellent results. Some are used for making inferior quality but depending on what the customer want. For any trencher teeth for sale, carbide material for the tip is the best option. There are various types of carbide depending condition the teeth will be exposed to. This material is highly recommended due to its incredible features such as extreme hardness and resistance to wear. In addition to that trencher teeth for sale, the body should be constructed from premium steel material

The useful life

For how long are the teeth predicted to last? That is a  question that will answer the question of the teeth lifespan. In most cases, the quality of the material used greatly determines the overall lifespan of the teeth.  Make sure that you have invested in a set of trencher teeth that can last for an extended period of time. Ensure that you are satisfied with the lifespan that the trencher teeth for sale are offering.

Buying Non-OEM Quadco Mulcher Teeth for Sale

Buying Non-OEM Quadco Mulcher Teeth for Sale

If you are planning to buy Quadco teeth replacement, then you might consider the available options. You may go for the OEM teeth but Non-OEM could also be a great alternative. However, the quality of the non-OEM teeth should be a concern to operators. With so many companies in the market manufacturing such teeth, it can be a little bit difficult to discern the right quality. Therefore, there are a few things you need to take into account so as to ensure that you have gotten the right teeth for your machine. If you are going for non-OEM Quadco teeth, these are the key features that you should look out for.

The Manufacturer

When it comes non-OEM to Quadco teeth, the name of the manufacturer is an important factor to consider.  The reputation of the manufacturer can tell you the kind of the product that you are buying. If the producer has built an impeccable reputation over years, then you can trust that their products will meet your expectations. The main mistake that buyers make is failing to check the authenticity of producer while shopping for mulcher teeth. With counterfeits and new companies coming up all over, you can easily fall for fraudsters.

Teeth versatility

Mulching includes working different types of vegetation and surfaces. That is why versatility is one of the features that you need to consider. Due to the nature of the vegetation, you need to have a kind of teeth that can handle different conditions without compromising the level of output. So you must ensure that the non-OEM Quadco teeth for sale can deliver that. Make sure that the teeth can be used on a variety of mulching activities.

Application Latest Technology

The industrial tools and machine are changing with technology being used to enhance the performance of the machines. The latest technologies are being used to manufacture the teeth. Among the most critical technology is the making of the joints. Due to the nature of the mulching task, the joint needs to be very strong to over the enormous heat and force. If you decide to buy non-OEM Quadco teeth, then you need to find of brazing technology is the one that has been used.

Life Expectancy

Check the lifespan of the teeth before making a purchase. Non-OEMs are manufactured by different brands and thus the life expectancy would vary. That could be as a result is different raw materials and manufacturing process. That will ensure that you have gotten the right non-OEM Quadco teeth.

Why A Refurbished Ahwi Mulcher Could be a Better Choice

Why A Refurbished Ahwi Mulcher Could be a Better Choice

Now that you need a mulching machine, do you have a budget for it? Well, one of the major problems that most people find themselves in is putting up a budget to buy a new mulching machine. However, that might not be necessary to go for a new one since you can still have almost the same quality of machine by going for a refurbished one. There are number benefits that are associated with refurbished systems that cannot be found in new ones. Here are some of the key benefits.


One of the major benefits of going for a refurbished Ahwi mulcher is the cost. You will notice that the refurbished machines are priced at a very lower price compared to the brand and yet the difference between the two is very small. In most cases, you will find that the amount of a refurbished machine is almost 30 to 40 per cent of the new one. That is a massive saving that can be used in other important things. So even if you have a small budget, it does not means that you cannot get yourself a good mulching machine- a refurbished Ahwi mulcher would be a great choice.

Relatively Better Lifespan

In a simple definition, a refurbished Ahwi mulcher for sale is a machine that has been renewed by replacing all the old and worn out parts with new one. If the process has been carried out by a professional dealer, they will replace all the parts with high-quality ones. Buying such a machine may sometime offer better useful life compared to most of the machines that are selling in the market. It is also important to note that most of the parts such as the teeth are replaced with the best quality. That means the lifespan of the machine could be incredibly good when compared to some of the products in the market.

Incredibly High Performance

Just like a new Ahwi mulcher for sale, a refurbished one will not disappoint in performance. The fact that the entire wear part system is replaced with incredibly high-quality parts means that the performance will never be a challenge. The quality of the teeth is a key determinant when it comes to the mulcher performance. As mentioned teeth are some of the major parts that are main parts that are replaced and thus improving the performance of the machine incredibly.

How to Replace Greenteeth Stump Grinder Teeth

How to Replace Greenteeth Stump Grinder Teeth

If you are operating a Greenteeth stump grinder teeth, replacement is one of the key major practices that you need to consider. When the repair cannot salvage the situation, then a replacement would be the only way out. However, you don’t need to hire a professional mechanical engineer to fix the replacement.  You can be a do-it-yourself backyard mechanic and save a lot of money in repair. In this article, we are going to help you to be a self-reliant mechanical engineer.  If you want to replace your Greenteeth stump grinder teeth by yourself, there are a few things that you need to know. This is how you should go about it:


There are a few things that you need to have for you quality for a DIY backyard mechanic and to replace a stump grinder teeth. First, you will need a touch or other method of heating that has the capability of reaching about 1500°F. That will ensure that you have the need amount of temperature to heat the teeth. Second, you will need black flux for brazing and not the soldering wax. You also need to have a pokey stick such as a ceramic rod or an old file.


  1. Remove the old stump teeth

The first step is to have the old teeth removed. If you are doing this for the first time, the teeth will not come off that easily. If you take a close look at the teeth, you will find out that they have been welded. That is why you need to have enough temperature to melt the braze alloy so that the tooth can come off. Once the alloy has melted, use some kind of sharp, flicking motion on the old tooth to knock it off.

  1. Prepare for the new tooth

For the new tooth to be put in the place of the old teeth, there are a few things that you need to do first. You will need to check the size of the tooth to ensure that it is of the right size. Second, you need to have the steel thoroughly cleaned off dust, rust, soil, and grease material. That will ensure that braze and the steel have combines effectively.

  1. Replace the New teeth

With the tooth steel clean and the older removed, you only need to put into the notch, ensure that the braze alloy is against the brazing flux. Heat the teeth through the carbide and the steel will expand to fit in the notch.


How to Maintain a Barreto Trencher Chain in A Good Condition

How to Maintain a Barreto Trencher Chain in A Good Condition

For the Barreto trencher to deliver a constant output, then you have no choice but to maintain it in excellent condition. But this is something that some of the operators are unable to do. What most of them don’t know is that poor maintenance may cost hugely in the long run. Among the most critical Barreto trencher parts is the chain. It is the part that carries most of the cutting parts, and that’s why it is crucial to the performance of the machine. But how can you maintain it? Well, here are ways that you can keep it in good condition:

Greasing regularly

One of the best maintenance practices is greasing the moving parts of the chain. Note that there are plenty of bearings and sprockets along the chain. These are moving parts, and the only way that you can ensure their efficiency is by regular greasing. Developing a schedule on how you will have the chain parts lubricated in one of the best ways to go about it. But this should be determined by how frequent the machine is working and the kind condition it is working in. If you are working in hot conditions and for long hours, then you should have the chain greased regularly.

Sharpening the Teeth

Trencher’s teeth are definitely the most important Barreto trencher parts when it comes to determining the performance of the machine. You may have the best chain and the rest of the parts, but if your teeth are in terrible condition, then you will never get the best out of your machine. If you have the best quality teeth, then sharpening the tip would be the only way to ensure their continued performance. But the frequency of sharpening is dependent on the type of task that the machine is handling and the material used on the tip. If you are trenching on tough conditions, then ensure that you have teeth regularly sharpened to maintain peak performance.

Replace when Necessary

Repairing Barreto trencher parts may not offer the best solution as far as the performance of the trencher is concerned. For instance, you could have sharpened the teeth to point where the tip is almost gone. If that’s the case, the only way that you can maintain the performance of the trencher is by replacing such teeth. Other parts of the chain such as the bearing and sprockets should also be replaced if they are beyond repair.

Tips To Maintain Fecon Mulcher Parts

Tips To Maintain Fecon Mulcher Parts

For your Fecon mulching machine to operate optimally, then you need to consider the condition of the wear parts. But some operator rarely takes this into caution and in most cases; newly bought machines are the most neglected.  What operators fail to understand is that the quality or condition of the wear parts is crucial to the performance and the lifespan of the machine. But there are numerous ways that you can go about it, but you need to have the right tips to ensure that you are doing it right. Here are the tips that can help you get the best out of you:

Keep the Clean

Keeping wear parts clean is a rule of thumb. If you want to keep the Fecon parts in good shape and for longer; then, you need to have then cleaned regularly. This is especially important to the mulcher teeth which are exposed to dirty conditions including debris and dust particles. The parts should be checked properly before and after use. Some of the things like sticking branches and debris during operation are likely to consume extra horsepower thus lowering the efficiency and the performance of the machine.

Generous Greasing

Most of the active Fecon parts are in constant motions, and thus a lot of wear is generated out of the friction. Therefore greasing or lubrication is a key element in the maintenance of mulching machines. Some of the key parts that you need to consider carefully are the rotating parts such as the head attachment, bearing and the rotor amongst others. Failure to greasing results in wear and tear due to friction and that will have a negative impact on the cost of maintenance. Ensure that you have greased the bearing every 8 hours of work if the machine is working continuously. Apart from the rotor, the belt tensioners should also be lubricated and any other movable parts.

Proper Operation

Avoid exposing your Fecon mulcher to conditions that are beyond its ability. It is important to check features such as horsepower to ensure that the machine can handle the job. Note that how the Fecon forestry mulcher is used will definitely affect the lifespan and the cost of the maintenance. Choose the ground conditions carefully and also ensure that you have scanned it carefully. For example, avoid working in grounds littered with debris such as bottles, wire, metal objects and huge rocks.