These Tips Improve your Road Milling Bits Lifespan

These Tips Improve your Road Milling Bits Lifespan

When it comes to road milling, road milling bits are some of the most exposed parts to wear. Since they are the main cutting tools, they are highly like to wear off faster than any other part. In fact, cutting tools makes a huge chunk of the maintenance cost in most of the construction companies. However, there are ways that you can go around it to ensure your road milling bits serves for longer.  In this article, we are going to explore some of the things that can help you improve the lifespan of your milling bits.

Milling the Right Surface

One of the major mistakes that most operators commit is milling any surface. It is a common problem with small contractors who are usually struggling with machinery capacity. But the practice ends up doing more harm to the investor rather than good. So if you have an asphalt milling bit and you end up using it on concrete surfaces, then you are like to increase the rate of wear and tear of the bits. So you must ensure that road milling bits are used for the right surface. Otherwise, you will end up increasing the rate of wear and tear of the bit and thus reducing its lifespan significantly.

Make repairs

Just like any other part, milling bits can also be repaired. In most cases, the bits are exposed to extremely harsh conditions and thus exposing them to a high rate of wear and tear.  For instance, you may find out that the carbide tip of the bit has been dulled or blunt after milling tough surfaces. In such cases, it may not be necessary to have to make a replacement, but a repair will work. You can have the bit tip sharped to ensure continued performance of the milling machine. But if the repair does not work or the damage is beyond repair; then you should consider replacing with a brand new.

Proper Milling

When it comes to actual milling, there are a few things that are important to consider. The most important of all is to ensure that it is done properly. The speed of the machine matters a lot, and it has an impact on the condition of the bits. The milling machine should be operated at a very considerate speed. But rushing or milling at very high speed puts a lot of pressure on the bits and this, it is likely to increase the level of wear. The result is a reduced lifespan of the milling bits.

Tips on How to Maintain Asphalt Milling Teeth

Tips on How to Maintain Asphalt Milling Teeth

Whether you are doing pavement maintenance or preservation work with your milling machine, the condition of milling teeth while milling is a critical factor to consider. But how frequently should you have the teeth checked for faults? Well, some say after a few days or every day, but I would say that should be determined by the kind of milling job that you are doing. However, the best practice is to have the condition of the teeth, and the teeth holder checked every day. Unfortunately, some contractors either out of ignorance or shear negligence fail to take the necessary maintenance steps in their work. So how do you ensure that your milling teeth are in good condition? Well, here are the tips on how to maintain asphalt milling teeth:

Check the Every Day

One the major problems that most contractors find themselves in is experiencing be breakdowns now and then. But this can be traced back to negligence and more so assumption that everything is working out well. There is nothing like that when it comes to asphalt milling. You may have replaced teeth with brand new one, but this does not guarantee you anything. The teeth might become faulty the next as well. So you need to have the teeth checked every day to help you identify the problem before it is too late. Such measure will also help you avoid break down while working.

Replace Any Faulty Teeth Without Delay

One of the major mistakes that contractors make is avoiding asphalt milling teeth replacements. In some cases, contractors do not make a replacement if it is just a few teeth or one that need a replacement/s. This may appear as an economic decision, but the effect or impact spreads to the entire machine. First, it puts a strain on the remaining teeth and more so on the engine. The remaining teeth that are in good condition are overloaded, and the same goes for the engine. The result is an increased rate of wear and tear both the machine and cutting parts, and that’s how the machine lifespan is reduced.

Have an Expert Examination

Asphalt milling machines are extremely expensive thus they need extra care while handling them. The worst thing that you can do is leaving them inexperienced people to handle the maintenance work. Get experts to work on the equipment. People who have the necessary experience in handling such machines. That is the only that your asphalt milling machine can be guaranteed peak performance and extended useful life.

Best Practice for Cold Planer Attachment Maintenance

Best Practice for Cold Planer Attachment Maintenance

All cold planers attachments are designed to enable for minimal maintenance, especially if you invest in a new one. It is a practice that helps your milling machine to operate efficiently and at the same time produce maximum output. Unfortunately, most operators ignore most of the maintenance aspect of these machines by failing to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. The result of such negligence is poor performance of the machine and reduced lifespan. So, what are the best maintenance practice? Here is the best practices that will help you get the best out of cold planer machine.

Listening to the Noise of a cold planer

Listening to the noise of the cold planer is one of the basic and best practice maintenance tips. When you buy a new attachment, the only sound that you can get is that of the engine humming. That is the only sound that you should get from the machine. But with time, especially of the cold planer is not adequately maintained, it will start producing noises that. This is an indication that something is not right and you should have fixed immediately. If the problem is not fixed, it continues building and possibly result in breaking down of the machine. So, listening to the noise coming from the machine is one of the best maintenance practice.

The Picks Condition

When it comes to the picks or what many people refer to as cold planer teeth, then you have no choice but ensure their best condition. These are the main cutting parts, and if you don’t give them the attention that they require, then you can as well forget about peak performance and a maximum output of the attachment. You should note that the teeth wear off fast than other parts of the attachment and thus need to have it checked regularly. Note that the replacement time depends on the type of material that you are working on. So you need to have them checked regularly and mostly after the finishing working on a milling activity.

Leave no part Unchecked

The worst thing that you can do as an operator is to assume that other parts are okay. You have to ensure that every part of the machine has been checked. Check the cold planer teeth even if they are newly replaced and also the tooth holder. Any part of the attachment matters and that is why it is the best practice to have every part check.

Preventive Maintenance Tips for Your Asphalt Milling Machine Teeth

road milling

Preventive Maintenance Tips for Your Asphalt Milling Machine Teeth

When it comes to Asphalt Milling Machine Teeth, there are few things that you need to get right. Among the most important is maintenance. No matter how good the quality of teeth your asphalt machine has, it will be nothing if you are missing out on maintenance. But there are different forms of maintenance though. The preventive maintenance is the most important one rather than waiting for the actual maintenance date.

Preventive maintenance is all about using your asphalt milling machine well to avoid break down. If you have no idea on how to go about it, we are going to look at some of the tips that can help you keep you milling teeth in good condition for longer. Try these preventive maintenance tips

Watch the Speed

Watching the speed of the asphalt milling machine while working is important when it comes to teeth maintenance. One major mistake that operators commit is trying to speed the machine so as to finish the task faster. What they don’t know the extent of the damage that they inflict on the machine and more so the teeth. Operating speed determines much of the wear. It is critical in the circulation of the teeth and other critical parts such as the teeth holders and the drum. Running at a maximum speed significantly reduces the lifespan of every component in the machine.

If the milling machine is operating at a very high speed, it will result in vibrations and excessive heat. The heat will slowly but in a very short eat away the protective carbide that keeps the asphalt milling teeth sharp and sturdy. The result will be massive wear of the teeth. The tooth becomes dull and blunt, and consequently poor machine performance. so check the speed of the asphalt machine carefully. Moderate speed is highly recommended.

Inspect Often

How often do you inspect you asphalt machine cutting parts? Well, this is another very important prevented maintenance measure, in most cases, some of the condition leading to machine break down could have been identified earlier if often inspection was done. So you need to have the teeth other parts including the teeth holder regularly inspected so as to ensure that you have maintained a good teeth quality and a peak performing machine.

These are two preventive maintenance tips that will help you improve the performance and the overall lifespan of your asphalt milling machine teeth.

Must Look for Features in Road Milling Teeth

Road millling teeth

Must Look for Features in Road Milling Teeth

If you are buying replacement teeth for your road milling machine, then you should have set standards for the type of teeth that you need. The major key principle that should be guiding you is the quality of the teeth. But what should define the quality of the teeth? Well, we are going to look at of the main features that you should look out for to get quality asphalt milling teeth for your machine. Here are the guiding features that you should look out for:

  • The Cutting Tip

The quality of the cutting tip is very important when it comes to the buying of asphalt machine replacement parts. The most important thing that you should check out is the quality of the material that has been used in manufacturing it. For the milling tasks, you need to have a material that can withstand the toughest or the most demanding conditions. Tungsten carbide is the best material that milling teeth should be used for the manufacturing of the cutting tip. The material gives the teeth a very sharp tip that can withstand extreme conditions and improve the performance of the machine significantly. It will also last for long without getting dull and blunt.

  • The Body of The Teeth

Apart from the tip, the body of the teeth is also a critical factor to consider. Milling teeth are exposed to a lot of pressure, and that’s why they need a teeth body that can absorb that pressure. That is why you need to have the right material for the body, or otherwise, your road milling teeth will be breaking very often. There are numerous types of material that you can use, but steel is the most recommended. But you need to have the kind of steel that is hard and tough to withstand extreme harsh road milling conditions.

  • Brazing strength

This is another feature that you need to look out for before spending your money on milling teeth. Brazing strength is the ability of the teeth joints to withstand the toughest conditions. The main joint in the case is the carbide tip and the steel body. Otherwise, if the joints are weak, then the teeth may have a problem of breaking every often. So make sure that the brazing strength of the teeth is guaranteed.

With these three features, then you can rest assured that you will have the best asphalt milling teeth for your milling machine. These are features that guarantee the quality of the teeth.

Major Causes of Asphalt Milling Teeth Failure

Major Causes of Asphalt Milling Teeth Failure

Asphalt milling teeth or any other industrial machine teeth are subject to the most wear. But do you have an idea of what could be causing this high rate of wear? Well, a significant number of the asphalt machine owners or operators have no idea that are the sole reason for the machine’s teeth problems. You will be shocked to hear that we are the primary causes of our asphalt milling teeth failure. But how? In this article, we are going to look at some of the major causes of asphalt milling teeth failure and how you can protect your machine from them. These are the primary causes:

Carbide Breakage

Carbide tips are an essential part of the milling teeth. It is the main part of the teeth that give the teeth the sharpness that it needs to cut the surface with a lot of ease. If this part of the teeth is tampered with or destroyed, then there is no way that your machine will be able to deliver peak performance. In most cases, carbide breakage occurs as a result of mechanically overloading the teeth. If the teeth are subjected to extremely hard conditions such as steel reinforcement or drainages cover, then you are likely to cause carbide breakage. This could be due to thermal overload mostly due to the insufficient water supply to the teeth. Avoid such conditions, and you will have saved your teeth from unnecessary damages.

Lack of Rotation

Rotation is crucial when it to the efficiency and longevity of the asphalt milling teeth. But lack of rotation can lead to fats deterioration of the teeth lifespan, especially if it is not controlled. But the condition has a lot to do with the operator. It is usually caused by too much dirt in the holder bore or having a worn out tool holder. According to most experts, dirty holders can result from lack of water supply to the tool. These are usually human faults. If you keep the teeth and the drum clean, and also make sure that enough water is reaching the teeth, your teeth rotation will not be affected.  You will also enjoy them for a long time.

Body Wear

Body wear or steel wash is usually caused operating the milling machine very high speed in soft conditions. That exposes the machine to excessive heat, and the result is a high rate of body wear and reduced lifespan of your milling teeth. So, reduce the speed of the machine to keep your teeth in a good condition.

Important Cold Planer Teeth Features

Important Cold Planer Teeth Features

While selected cold planer teeth, there are few things that you consider seriously. These are features that will make your teeth more effective and more so give value for the money spent. Just like any other product, cold planer teeth have numerous features, but if you are working for commercial purposes, there are a few things that you need to consider seriously. These are features that will not only improve the performance of your cold planer but also address the problem of maintenance cost. Here are the key features to look out for.


The term cost effective can address a myriad of things. First, it should be the kind of teeth that reduces the cost of repair and maintenance significantly. That includes the cost replacement where the need for the alternatives now and then will be sorted out. Second, the teeth can be used on the various surface, both soft and hard and still produce maximum output. That will reduce the need to buy a different kind of teeth for the same machine. Lastly, the kind of cold planer teeth that you buy should also be extremely durable, and that means it will serve you for longer. These are factors that address the cost-effective features of the teeth. Consider them carefully.

Rugged Tungsten Carbide

The tip of the teeth is an essential factor to consider while buying cold planer teeth for the replacement. It is the main cutting part of the teeth, and thus it should be among the key features that you need to look out for. Tungsten carbide is the only material on the market today that is capable of providing properties that milling industry is looking for. The material is extremely hard, and it can withstand shear forces and pressure. It provides a very sharp tip making it possible for the machine to deliver in the harshest conditions.

Reasonable arc shape

The arc shape is an important factor to consider especially when it comes to the tungsten carbide tip and the cold planer teeth structure. You need to get the kind of teeth that have a reasonable teeth structure. That’s the only way that your machine’s ability to break asphalt or concrete surfaces will be improved.

Hardened Body

Last but not the least is the body of the cold planer teeth. Since the teeth will be exposed to high pressure, temperature and forces, it is important to have the kind of body that can withstand all that. A steel body is highly recommended.