Why Auger Teeth Shank are Bending

Why Auger Teeth Shank are Bending

Bending of the auger teeth tip or shank is one of the common drilling problems. However, this is a condition that reduces the effectiveness of the auger teeth and overall performance of the drilling machine. But not many people really know what could be causing this problem. For some of the operators, especially the newbies, they just buy a new tooth for a replacement, but the problem does not go away. So what causes bending in auger teeth’ shank? Well, there are a couple of reasons, but most of them can be prevented if best practices are observed. Here are the main causes of shank bending.

Worn out Holder

One of the major factors that would contribute to the bending of the teeth shank is the tooth holder. Teeth holders are critical in the performance of the teeth since they hold the teeth in position and angle for it have a clean cut. And just like the rest of the auger wear parts, they are prone to wear and tear and thus they can wear out with time. When the teeth holder wears out, position and the angle of the tooth is compromised, and therefore it starts bending. But that is something that can be prevented by ensuring that condition of the teeth holder is properly maintained.

Worn out Sleeves

The condition of the teeth sleeves is critical when it comes to the performance and the longevity of the teeth. It is important to keep the checked for the teeth to remain steady and powerful enough to cut through the soil. When the sleeves start wearing off, the teeth become weak, and that affects the stability and the strength that they need to cut the soil, especially if they are rock auger teeth. That is why they result in bending. However, you can avoid this by ensuring that the condition of the sleeves is maintained. Regular repairs and replacement of the sleeve are essential.

Hard Cutting Conditions

Another major cause of the bend auger teeth is being exposed to extreme demanding conditions. If the teeth are working in extremely hard-hitting condition, then you are likely to have bending shanks. But this is usually caused by failure to get the right teeth for the task. For instance, if you are working in extremely hard conditions with teeth which very small in diameter compared to the pressure applied, then you will have a problem with bending auger teeth shanks.