Features of Good Rock Auger Teeth

Features of Good Rock Auger Teeth

Whether you are doing poling or foundation drilling, the most important factor to consider is the quality of the drilling bits. These are the main cutting parts, and thus their condition matters the most if good performance is to be achieved. But how do you ensure that you are getting the best out of your auger teeth?  Well, there are different ways that you can achieve that. The most important things to consider are the features.

For the rock auger teeth, there are several features that make them stand out and deliver excellent performance. These are features that will also help you improve the overall output of your machine. There are some of the key features that make good rock auger teeth.

Quality Construction Materials

The first thing that you must always consider while deciding if the rock auger teeth are good or not is the quality of the material used for their construction. That is where most people get it wrong and end complaining their auger teeth are failing them. There is numerous material in the market that are used for the construction of the auger teeth, but carbide and steel are the most recommended.  However, you must get the grad of the materials right.

Tungsten carbide is the hardest of the carbide. The metal is best known for its high resistance to wear and abrasion properties. That is why it is recommended for the teeth shank. The body should be made from alloys of steel or forged steel. These are high-quality materials that should be used for the construction of rock auger teeth.


When it comes to drilling rocky conditions, there are different types of rocky soils. There are compact, platy and fissured types of rock condition. Whether you poling and foundation drilling, you will always come across such conditions. But you don’t have to switch teeth every time you conditions on the site changes. That is why versatility in rock auger teeth is very crucial. It is a factor that you must consider while buying auger teeth since it will affect the over productivity and efficiency of the machine.

Auger Teeth Longevity

To get value for money, the longevity of the rock auger teeth is an essential factor to consider. Although the longevity of the teeth may depend on how they are used, the quality of the material used in the construction is an important factor to consider. Check the manufacturer information how long the tools could last if used properly.