Benefits of Forged Stump Grinder Teeth

Benefits of Forged Stump Grinder Teeth

There are various types of stump grinder teeth in the market, but the most important category is material. The quality of the material used for the construction of the grinder teeth is a critical factor. It is a factor that determines productivity as well as the profitability of the machine. Grinder teeth are made from steel. However, there are various types of steel depending on where the teeth are to be used.

Forged steel is one of the most recommended types of steel for demanding conditions. This types of steel are highly recommended due to its incredible properties. Here are some of the major benefits of forged steel stump grinder teeth:

Impressive Strength

One of the major benefits of steel forged tools is their high strength. These are the kind of stump grinder teeth that offers incredible strength to handle any conditions. Forging or heating treatment streamlines the atomic structure of the steel molecules, and that’s what makes them strong. That means that these grinder teeth come with increased resistance to wear and abrasion. They can also withstand high impact which is a common problem with a stump grinder and other machines.

High Cutting Performance

Steel forged stump grinder teeth offer incredible high cutting performance.  That is because of the high strength features that they come with. The fact that these teeth are resistant to wear and abrasion, it simply means the best condition of the teeth will be maintained. With that, your machine is able to maintain high performance and productivity.  The result is improved or consistently high profits.

Reduced Cost of Operation

The cost of maintaining the operation of the machine can be extremely high. The cost of maintaining the cutting system especially stump grinder teeth is usually very high. That is because they are the most prone to the high rate of wear and tear. But with forged stump grinder teeth, this cost is significantly reduced. These are teeth offers high resistance to wear and abrasion, and thus they can last for long. If there is any cost, it will be the routine maintenance. That will also improve your profitability level.

Reduced Steel Wash

Among the many challenges that come with stump removing is a high rate of steel wash. This is a process through which the steel part of the teeth wears off very fast due to exposure to extremely abrasive conditions. But it is usually caused by the use of low quality steel. But with forged stump grinder teeth and you will rarely experience steel wash problems.