How Drilling Machine Determines Choice of Auger Teeth Replacement

How Drilling Machine Determines Choice of Auger Teeth Replacement

While making auger teeth replacement, some people only consider the quality of teeth and other aspects and forget about a crucial element which is the drilling machine. The drilling machine system includes the engine and the auger attachment. These are critical parts of the machines that also determines the choice of the auger teeth replacement that you buy. There are various that your drilling equipment can determine the choice of teeth. Here are some of the ways:

Size of the machine

The size of the machine is directly proportional to the kind auger teeth used. There are various types of drilling machines depending on the condition that they are used for. There are the small machines that are widely used for domestic purposes such as fencing and planting trees amongst other activities. There are also the large or heavy-duty machines that are widely used for commercial or industrial drilling such as foundation drilling. All these types of drilling equipment requires different types of auger teeth. So if you are going to the market, you need to understand the kind of machine you are working with since not all auger cutter tools will work for you.

Power Produced

The second thing that you need to check is the horsepower that the machine comes with. The power produced by the engine will also determine the choice of auger teeth that you get for your machine. If the power produced is too high, then the amount of pressure subjected to the teeth is very high. That will also increase the amount of heat generated by the teeth while drilling. Therefore, you will need to have the right auger teeth replacement that can with withstand the high pressure and heat generated while digging. If get poor quality teeth, then you will have a problem of increased wear of the teeth.

The size of the Teeth

The kind size of the auger teeth differs from one to the other and one. That is because the size of the auger attachment is different and also is the teeth holders. Therefore, some auger attachment may require specific measurements of the teeth for it to fit. Therefore, you must check the actual size of the teeth depending on the auger attachment that you are dealing with. Things the diameter of the carbide insert, diameter of the conical and the size of the length of the teeth are critical factors determined by the drilling machine system.