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How to Maintain a Barreto Trencher Chain in A Good Condition

How to Maintain a Barreto Trencher Chain in A Good Condition

For the Barreto trencher to deliver a constant output, then you have no choice but to maintain it in excellent condition. But this is something that some of the operators are unable to do. What most of them don’t know is that poor maintenance may cost hugely in the long run. Among the most critical Barreto trencher parts is the chain. It is the part that carries most of the cutting parts, and that’s why it is crucial to the performance of the machine. But how can you maintain it? Well, here are ways that you can keep it in good condition:

Greasing regularly

One of the best maintenance practices is greasing the moving parts of the chain. Note that there are plenty of bearings and sprockets along the chain. These are moving parts, and the only way that you can ensure their efficiency is by regular greasing. Developing a schedule on how you will have the chain parts lubricated in one of the best ways to go about it. But this should be determined by how frequent the machine is working and the kind condition it is working in. If you are working in hot conditions and for long hours, then you should have the chain greased regularly.

Sharpening the Teeth

Trencher’s teeth are definitely the most important Barreto trencher parts when it comes to determining the performance of the machine. You may have the best chain and the rest of the parts, but if your teeth are in terrible condition, then you will never get the best out of your machine. If you have the best quality teeth, then sharpening the tip would be the only way to ensure their continued performance. But the frequency of sharpening is dependent on the type of task that the machine is handling and the material used on the tip. If you are trenching on tough conditions, then ensure that you have teeth regularly sharpened to maintain peak performance.

Replace when Necessary

Repairing Barreto trencher parts may not offer the best solution as far as the performance of the trencher is concerned. For instance, you could have sharpened the teeth to point where the tip is almost gone. If that’s the case, the only way that you can maintain the performance of the trencher is by replacing such teeth. Other parts of the chain such as the bearing and sprockets should also be replaced if they are beyond repair.